Mar 23, 2024

Best period swimwear: Bikini briefs and swimsuits tried and tested for 2023

Modibodi is a brand that’s changed the name of the game when it comes to period pants. Initially, founder and mum Kristy Chong came up with the concept when experiencing light incontinence during her marathon training, as an alternative for disposable hygiene products. Modibodi’s leakproof underwear is now one of the most well-known of its kind and the brand’s swimwear is not only very comfy and effective, the designs are also some of the most fun on the market.

Most brands that offer period-proof swimwear opt for black, which is understandable considering any leakage or accidents would be less visible in darker colours, but it also means options can be a little boring. Well, not at Modibodi. While the brand does offer black bikinis and swimsuits, there’s also plenty of fun multi-coloured prints and bright colours.

In terms of design, there really is something for everyone: cut out, wrap and one-shoulder bathing suits as well as Brazilian, high-waist and tie-side bikini briefs – of course, all available with matching tops. And sizing is inclusive too, ranging from a UK8 or XS to UK22 or 4XL. We tried the “hi-waist” bikini and found the fit to be flattering while the additional padding didn’t feel as present as in some of the other briefs we’ve tested, making these feel less diaper-y and more like our regular swimwear.

This design is made from pre-consumer recycled nylon and is lined with a concealed, absorbent layer. The brand recommends washing Modibodi products before first wear to activate the technology in the liner for maximum absorbency, then after wear, first rinse out your bikini in cold water and then cold wash. Simply hang to dry with the rest of your laundry and it’s ready for next month.

Our only comment is that, as all Modibodi’s swimwear is made for light-moderate periods – meaning they can hold the equivalent of 10ml or one or two tampons – we’d love to see options for medium to heavy flows here too. So if you’re planning for a full day at the beach, it might not be enough coverage for some. However, we found it was perfect for the first and last days of our period.

Best: Holds up to: Sizes: £29